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Bully Stick Braided 12″ 10pk XX-Thick


Braided Bully Sticks taste great and satisfy your dogs urge to chew. These dog chews that use an authentic, all-natural process that assures every quality treat is flavorful and easily digestible. Our dogs go nuts over these chews and yours will too! These aren’t rawhide chews. These are slow roasted delicious beef chews. Made in a dog treat plant built to USDA specifications. Your dog won’t find any fillers, added salt, grain, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Great Value! 100% Digestible. These long lasting non-messy chews will become your dog’s obsession! Although this treat is definitely a conversation piece, we do not suggest that you bring it with you on a first date. It has been known to cause severe blushing. This is one of the most popular treats in the pet world and it is no secret that dogs love it. This 12” Braided bully stick boasts that bigger is better and is made right here in America. You can have the peace of mind that they were manufactured under our country’s regulations and standards. *Mixed on means the thickness of Bully Sticks will slightly vary.

WHAT ARE BULLY STICKS? Dog chews made from baked pizzles. “Pizzle” is an old German name for a bovine male organ. Thus, they are not bones or compressed rawhide. The only ingredient is beef muscle tissue. Please take this into consideration with your expectation of how long they should last.

WHY DO MOST BULLY STICKS HAVE A FUNKY SMELL? Compliments of Mother Nature. We think if folks understood pizzles once held a functioning urethra, they would be less shocked. Keep in mind, dogs love stinky things. Truth be told, some of us humans do too. In his book BURGUNDY, Anthony Hanson writes: “Ça sent la merde. Great Burgundy wines smell of s#%t.”… weird, but it’s so true! Odor is a small sacrifice for a few moments of enjoyment for your best friend. Our bullys are moderate odor relative to most, but if smell is a complete deal-breaker for you, get our odor-free bully sticks or steers.


Rawhide is inexpensive to source: hide skin is a very large surface area. It can be harvested from either males or females.
Tendons and bones are also sourced from both males and females. Beef pizzle, however, can only be harvested from males.
Dense beef pizzles are only harvested from bulls. There is typically one bull per herd for safety reasons. The rest of the males are steers. So if 95%+ of males on a ranch are steers, you can imagine how difficult it is for manufacturers to acquire bull pizzle on monthly bases.
Once harvested, the delicate raw pizzle must be baked at a low, specific temperature for days.
Worldwide demand for raw beef pizzle in the restaurant industry is at an all-time high. Many cultures enjoy it in soups (sorry for that visual.)
Thus, your pup is getting a chew that is one of the most unique, sought after sources of protein on the market!

1800 Bully Sticks Difference – Giving Our Customers A Great Experience

Whether its bully sticks, dog treats and chews, or wellness products, we source the best for dog owners from all over.  We want to earn your business by offering great products at great prices with great customer service.


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